Top Tips To Exterminate Those Bed Bugs, Once And For All

Bed bugs are tough. They are resistant to a lot of pesticides, and they can hide in sneaky places, like behind your outlet covers and under any clothing you happen to have left on the floor. Therefore, the secret to getting rid of bed bugs is to think like they do — and be tough and sneaky yourself! How do you make sure your extermination efforts are successful the first time around? Start by following these tips.

Wash anything and everything you can wash.

All too often, homeowners wash their bedding and figure that's good enough. But bed bugs can easily move from your bed into piles of clothing on the floor. If you took off some pajamas that you wore into your bed and put them in your hamper, then all the clothing in your hamper could be infested, too. You can beat the bugs at their own game by washing anything and everything you can. Empty your drawers, take the throw blankets off the bottom of your bed, and pick up everything on the floor. Wash it on hot, and dry it on hot, too. Then, leave it somewhere safe — like in laundry baskets on a table in the basement — until you're able to exterminate the bed bugs from the rest of the home.

Try heat treatment, if possible.

Many insecticides do not kill all life stages of bed bugs. Their eggs are tough and can survive the chemical treatments. So if you do opt for insecticides, you will need to have your home treated a couple of times. Heat treatment, although it costs more, is a better choice. You can rent a heater or have an exterminator bring one over. Either way, the heat will kill the bed bugs at all stages, so you should only have to do this once.

Treat your shoes.

The bed bugs came into your house somehow. You probably brought them home either from a friend's house, a hotel room you stayed in, or even a thrift store that you visited. A common way for them to hitch a ride is actually on your shoes. Luckily, you can treat your shoes easily by popping them in the dryer on high heat for about 20 minutes. The bugs won't survive the tumble.

Bed bugs have quite the game, but with the tips above, you can beat them at their own game. Call a bed bug extermination service if you run into any problems.