Moist Foundation? Follow These Steps To Make Sure It's Not Taken Over By Termites

Is the foundation of your home moist and beginning to break down? Your first concern might be mold, but there's another water-loving threat you need to worry about. Termites -- dampwood termites in particular -- often begin invading homes through moist and decaying foundations. They then move on to the larger supporting wood beams, and before you know it, your home's structure is compromised. It's easier to fend these termites off from the beginning than to deal with them once they've started to invade. Here are three steps you can take to do so.

Trim any bushes and shrubs against your home.

Termites tend to congregate in shady, cool areas. If there are any bushes or shrubs along the border of your home, keep them well trimmed. You don't want them to grow right up against the house. If they're planted so close that they rub up against the house even when trimmed, you're best off removing them. It's better to remove a few bushes than deal with structural damage from termites! Make sure you're also using your weed trimmer to keep any grass and weeds along the edge of your home trimmed short. If you have flower beds, leave the first foot or so against your home barren, and take care not to plant flowers that get too bushy and will rub against the house.

Get rid of any wood piles on your property.

Chopped, stacked wood is very appealing to termites since it generally sits flat on the ground and becomes moist. Once they've invaded the wood pile, they can multiple quickly, and it may not be long until a few burrow over to your house. If you have an outdoor wood pile, either move it into a shed where it's up off the ground and protected from the elements, or burn through it quickly before a termite infestation develops.

Extend your gutters.

You need to keep the soil immediately around your home as dry as possible to make the foundation less appealing to termites. A good way to do this is to put extenders on your gutter downspouts. These are just long pieces of gutter that stick onto the ends of your downspouts, ensuring the water pours out a few feet from your home. Also, fill in any low spots near the foundation so the water drains away properly.

If you do notice signs of termites, such as chew marks on your wood or tiny flecks of black feces, contact an exterminator immediately. They can cause a remarkable amount of damage in a short period of time, so the sooner you address the issue, the better. Go to site for more information.