Kids Heading To Sleepovers? 3 Steps To Prevent Bed Bug Infestation

Now that summer vacation is in full-swing, your kids probably want to spend as much time with their friends as possible. They may even want to participate in sleepovers. That can be a real problem, especially with the recent bed bug epidemic that's spread across the US. You don't want to keep your kids away from activities with friends, but you do want to protect your family – and your home – from bed bug infestations. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take that will allow you to let your kids participate in sleepovers, while still preventing problems with bed bugs. Here are three steps you can take to keep bed bugs out of your house.

Send Your Kids with Their Own Sleep Gear

If your kids are going to be attending sleepovers this summer, be sure they're prepared to avoid bed bugs. The best way to do that is to send them with their own sleep gear. Begin by getting them a sleeping bag, preferably a mummy-style bag. These bags will pull up over the back of your kids' heads, preventing them from coming in contact with any household surfaces. Send them with a small washable pillow that can be placed inside the bag with them. When your kids wake up in the morning, have them roll up their sleeping bags and place them directly into the storage bag.

Provide a Laundry Bag

Your kids are going to need a safe place to store their sleepwear, as well as the clothing that they removed that night. Send them with a small laundry bag that they can place their clothes directly into. Be sure that your kids know to place all of their dirty laundry into the bag and then seal it until they come home.

Plan Return Through Garage

When your kids come home from the sleepover, don't have them come through the front door. That will allow bed bugs to enter the home with them. Instead, have your kids come in through the garage. Place all of their dirty laundry in the washing machine and wash in hot water. This will kill any bugs that might have followed them home. Have fresh clothes waiting for your kids so that they can change as soon as they get home. Once they're in clean clothes, you can send them into the house. For maximum protection, have your kids wash their hair to remove any bugs that might be hiding on their scalp.

If your kids are going to be participating in sleepovers this summer, take precautions to prevent bed bug infestations. The tips provided above will help you protect your kids and your home from bed bugs. For more help, contact a bed bug control expert.