Give Beetles The Boot! Eliminating Japanese Beetles With Natural Methods

If you have an abundance of Japanese beetles frequenting your yard, you most likely want to find ways to get them to vacate the area. These beetles can cause destruction to plants and can be annoying to battle continuously when they are in large numbers. Here are some effective ways to get these nuisances to leave your plants alone with the use of natural methods.

Keep On Top Of The Condition Of Your Plants

It is important to make sure the foliage on your property is cared for properly so it grows healthy and strong. This will actually help with the number of Japanese beetles you have in the area as they are attracted to plants with disease and decaying fruit. Make sure to give your plants the required sunshine and water to thrive, treat any diseases, and remove ripe fruit so these pests do not frequent the area as readily.

Know Which Plants Are Liked And Disliked

Chives, garlic, and catnip are all plants that Japanese Beetles do not care for. Planting these sporadically around your other foliage will help keep Japanese beetles from getting to close. Eliminating plants from your yard that attract these beetles can also reduce their numbers. Pull any grapevines, morning-glory, mallow, elder rose, or smartweed from your yard to help keep Japanese beetles at bay.

Target Grubs So They Do Not Grow

If you work at eliminating grubs (the baby form of a Japanese beetle) you will not need to worry about adults in your yard. Purchase a natural bacterium, like milky spore powder, to do the work for you. This can be sprinkled on the ground in the area where beetles are usually noticed. Doing this at the beginning of their cycle can reduce numbers dramatically. The grubs will eat the milky spore powder, die, and then emit more bacteria into the ground where grubs are present. The effects last for up to ten years.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Kill Pests

Make a mixture of half apple cider vinegar and half water and place inside a bucket. Take this out to your yard to help eradicate any Japanese beetles you see. Flick the beetles off of plant leaves, directly into the solution. The acidic nature of apple cider vinegar will kill off any beetles you place in the bucket.

Spray Or Sprinkle Plant Leaves To Eliminate Beetles

Try deterring Japanese beetles by making the plants they feast upon unappealing. Some people find that sprinkling baby powder on plant leaves will help keep beetles from sticking around. The powder will alter the flavor of the leaves, making the Japanese beetles less apt to stay on them as a result. You can also try spraying plant leaves with a watered down dish washing detergent to get the same effect.

If you need help eradicating Japanese beetles or other pests, contact Select Pest Control for professional help.