How To Limit Financial Loss Caused By A Bed Bug Infestation In Your Hotel

For hotels, bed bugs are a major threat. According to research from the University of Kentucky, a single report of bed bugs in a hotel room reduces the value of that room by up to $38 per night. When multiplied by all the rooms in a hotel and over several nights, $38 quickly adds up to a lot of lost revenue. If you manage a hotel, and there are bed bugs in one of its rooms, however, there are ways to mitigate any potential financial loss. Here's how to manage a bed bug infestation.

Block Off All Infested and Adjacent Rooms

All infested rooms should immediately be blocked off, along with any rooms directly above, below or next to them. Your first order of business should be to prevent the bed bugs from infesting any guests, and not giving these rooms to anyone will keep the bugs from getting into guests' clothes and luggage. Even though the rooms adjacent to the infested ones might not have any bed bugs in them, they should still be closed off in case the insects spread.

Call an Exterminator Who Will Be Inconspicuous

You'll need to have an exterminator, such as Arab Termite and Pest Control, come and rid your hotel of the bed bugs, obviously. You shouldn't just hire any exterminator, though. You may also consider looking for one that will perform a bed bug treatment without making it obvious that your hotel is being treated for the bugs. Specifically, you can seek out a bed bug exterminator who will:

  • show up in unmarked a vehicle
  • come in through a side or back door
  • come during off hours when there aren't many guests at the hotel

Monitor Social Media and Review Sites

To reduce the damage caused by online mentions of your hotel's bed bug problems, monitor social media platforms and popular review sites. If anyone claims your hotel has bed bugs, respond appropriately to the claim. If you're able to state how you addressed the problem and show that bed bugs are no longer in your hotel, you'll ease future guests' concerns.

If your hotel has bed bugs, don't ignore the issue. Take immediate action to address the issue without raising guests' suspicions. Make sure to also monitor online mentions, though, in case guests start letting others know about the problem. The insects will still cause your hotel to lose revenue, but taking these steps will limit how much money you miss out on.