Dealing With A Mouse Problem In Your Preschool

If you are a preschool director and you have discovered mice have been visiting some of the classrooms in your building, you will need to take immediate action in their eradication. Since mice carry bacteria and disease, they are a risk for the children in your care. You may also receive poor reviews from parents or failing evaluations from quality control specialists if mice are discovered in your school. To remove mice quickly, try some of the following steps.

Secure Temptations

Mice will frequent areas where food scraps are prevalent. Make it a priority to contain any food in as few areas as possible so you can be sure all crumbs are adequately cleaned at the end of snack or lunchtime. Have students place their lunchboxes in one location upon arrival to school to help keep mice from trying to get into lockers or cubbyholes. Make sure all tables are wiped down thoroughly. Remind your cleaning service to vacuum daily to remove any dropped crumbs.

Mice are drawn to areas where there are several papers or books. You may see gnaw marks upon stacks of these items as they will try to break them apart to use for nesting material. To avoid having mice stick around, place all stacks of paperwork into storage bins when they are not being utilized. Books should be placed spine-side-out inside bookcases rather than kept in stacks.

Fill Voids

Have your maintenance service look at the exterior of your building for any cracks or crevices where mice are making their way inside. These should all be filled in with caulk. Larger holes can be covered with flashing until a siding panel replacement can be made. The windows and doors should also be evaluated for larger gaps around the frames. These can be filled in with caulk or weather-stripping. Place door sweeps on the bottoms of doors to keep mice from sliding underneath.

Remove Mice

The best way to remove mice trapped on the inside after you fill voids is by hiring a professional exterminating service. Make sure to do this work over the weekend so there are no children present during their procedures. If the problem is large, you may have to close your school for a few days while the pest control service does their job.

If possible, have the pest control service use methods that will not be harmful to youngsters if they are in contact with any remnants from the mouse-killing agent the service uses. You can also try using snap or glue traps on your own during nighttime hours. If you would rather take a humane approach, use non-killing mouse cubes to trap mice inside. Make sure to remove traps before children arrive for the day.

For more about this topic, talk to your local exterminator.