Ridding The Home Of An Ant Infestation

If you have found ants crawling on your counter tops or scooting along the perimeters of your rooms when you walk past, you will want to take steps in having them removed effectively. Ants can become a nuisance and you will need to be diligent in your efforts in eradicating and deterring them from your property. Here are some steps to follow in getting rid of these pesky creatures from inside your home.

Clean Often And Thoroughly

When a home is not clean, ants will have many places to hide out while waiting for a food source to appear. If you don't take time in cleaning up crumbs, they will quickly become an ant meal. Clean your kitchen completely to start the ant removal process. If ants don't have food and drink sources readily available, they will vacate the area in search for a way to sustain themselves. Vacuum floors and wipe down all surfaces food touches. Make sure to put any leftovers in your refrigerator in a sealed container.

Check Around Your Home

Do an evaluation of your property to see if there are any apparent ant holes where ants are harbored under the ground. Pour boiling water over these holes to help kill off ants. It may take several applications. You can also shovel scoops of dirt where an ant hole is present and put the contents into a bucket of hot water to kill off some of the inhabitants. Move woodpiles further away from your home if you fear ants living in the pile are making their way inside.

Seal Off All Entryways

After tending to your yard, tend to the home itself. Look for any cracks in the siding of your home and fill them in with caulk so ants cannot use them as a way inside. Place door sweeps on the bottoms of doors. Caulk or weather-strip around all windows not only to keep out pests, but to help in energy retention as well. Draw a line of chalk or sprinkle a line of talc along all doorways. Ants will stay way from these powders and will stay on the exterior of your home if they come into contact with it.

Use Some Killing Methods

If you don't want to rely on deterring alone, killing ants can be done with a variety of traps, baits, or sprays that you can obtain from a local home goods store. If you have pets or children, you will be better off calling a pest control service to handle the removal for you. They will have methods available that will remove ants without causing illness to family members or pets in the process.