4 Ways to Keep Pests at Bay

If you have a problem with rodents in your home, then hiring a pest control company is a must to ensure that the problem is eliminated. However, the pest control company won't be able to get rid of the problem completely unless you are able to do your part as a homeowner. Here are four ways to help keep pests at bay:

  1. Repair Holes: Any holes that are found along the baseboards in your home should be repaired and sealed. You can either replace the baseboard or seal them with caulk. Doing this is will prevent rodents from easily sneaking into your home. You should also be sure that all windows and doors are sealed properly. You may need to replace the sealant or you can use caulk to fill in any gaps. 
  2. Remove Items Above the Fridge and Below the Sink: The areas above the fridge and under the sink are where rodents are most likely going to be found. Be sure that these areas are completely clear to ensure that the pest control company you have hired can easily access these areas. They will likely want to place bait or traps in these locations to rid your home of pests. 
  3. Clean Home: Cleaning your home regularly is a great way to ensure that rodents won't be able to take shelter or hide easily. Rodents also like to get into the trash that is piled up. It's a great place for them to find food. Be sure that you take out the trash regularly, sweep and vacuum on a regular basis, and remove any crumbs around your home that rodents may be attracted to. 
  4. Remove Boxes, Paper, and Clothing: Any boxes that you have piled up, paper, or clothing should be removed from your home. Either donate, sell, or dispose of these items to ensure that you remove possible shelters for rodents to live in. Boxes, piles of clothing, and piles of paper make great homes for rodents, especially if these items are sitting untouched in your home. The more clutter you remove, the less likely you are going to have rodent issues in the future. 

By doing these four things to keep pests at bay, you can be sure that the pest control is as effective as possible and you won't have to hire the company again in the near future. But if you do notice a pest problem, talk to companies like B & W Pest Control for more information about pest control services.