4 Types Of Bees In Your Yard and How to Get Rid of Them

While there are hundreds of varieties of bees, there are four that you will see most often in your yard. For the most part, bees don't pose a real threat. The majority of bees leave humans and pets alone unless they are provoked. However, you might still want them out of your yard. Here are some common bees you might find in your yard and ways to prevent them.

Honey Bees

Among the different types of bees you might find in your yard, honey bees are some of the most common. The honey bee does not generally bother others unless it is provoked. Honey bees' sole purpose is to pollinate flowers. They make a buzzing sound when they fly due to the speed at which they flap their wings. If they sting someone, that will be the only time, since their stinger tears off after it barbs into someone or something. You might find a honey bee nest in your chimney or attic, though they are most commonly found in trees. It is only safe for a professional pest control company, like Bee Serious LLC, to remove nests since they can be dangerous to remove on your own.

Bumble Bees

Another common type of bee is the bumble bee. They also pollinate flowers and plants and are very social bees. These bees are black with yellow stripes. Bumble bees have the ability to sting more than once, since they have a smooth stinger without a barbed edge. Their nests are usually found close to the ground, often underneath decks or patios. They can be aggressive when defending their nests, so be sure you find a professional bee removal company to handle them.

Carpenter Bees

There are also carpenter bees, which unlike bumble bees and honey bees, prefer being alone. You won't find nests with thousands of these bees as they only build a nest for themselves and any young they have. They can drill right through wood, which is why they are called carpenter bees. They can also sting you more than once. Carpenter bees can be found near wood sources around your home. They don't pose a threat except for the fact that they can damage the wood to build their nests. Painting and staining your home and outdoor furniture might keep them away.

Killer Bees

The most dangerous type of bee to find in your yard is the killer bee, which look similar to honey bees. These bees can become aggressive and chase people for miles before stinging them. They are especially dangerous around people that are allergic to bee stings. You may find them just about anywhere, from an abandoned car to boxes or crates around your home. Their venom can be dangerous so never attempt to remove the nest on your own.