Three Methods To Exterminate Termites

There are many problems that can arise from termites, but early extermination can prevent most problems. It is true that termites eat wood, but the method of which they eat the wood is different than most people realize. Contrary to popular belief, termites do not use acid to help break down wood. In order for a termite to start munching on wood, they use special bacteria to break down the cellulose in the wood. Once these bacteria do their job, the wood is in a decomposed state and the termite is able to ingest the wood. As you can imagine, this can cause plenty of damage to a home. There is a great deal of wood in most homes, and a termite problem can turn into a costly problem. Most problems can be avoided if the termites are exterminated quickly and before major problems arise. Here are three termite treatment methods.

1. Diatomaceous Earth

It seems that most people want to make sure that the extermination method is safe for the environment, pets, and children. This is not a problem because diatomaceous earth is a great way to rid your home of termites. Termites use an exoskeleton as their framework, and these exoskeletons have a lipid layer to help keep moisture in. When you put down diatomaceous earth in an infested area, diatomaceous earth is able to absorb that lipid layer off the exoskeleton. Diatomaceous earth is simply a silica rich sedimentary rock. This means that the sediments are sharp and can absorb a great deal of moisture. The sedimentary rock can penetrate the exoskeleton and absorb moisture. So, the termites technically die from loss of water.

2. Boric Acid

Another tried and true method for exterminating termites is by using boric acid. This method has been around for a very long time because it is very effective. The acid acts as a poison, but also is able to rid the termite of the lipid exoskeleton. So, the termite colony generally is not able to stick around for long. The one down side to boric acid is that it is not as safe as diatomaceous earth.

3. Professional Extermination

For those individuals that are not "do it yourselfers," it is never a bad idea to hire a professional to do the exterminating. One of the main reasons for hiring a professional is they understand pesticides, and the way that termites and other pests behave. They are able to locate and exterminate very quickly and efficiently.