3 Tips For Keeping Termites Out Of Your House

Termites are a terrible pest that are able to eat through wood, effectively  demolishing your house at the foundations. There are some effective means to keep these pests away from your house though.


For starters, moisture problems can often attract termites to the house, as well as many other pests that can be damaging. Dampness tends to give your house the perfect conditions to attract these pesky bugs. Often times this moisture leeches into the soil surrounding the house, which will lead the termites straight to you.

To combat this, try using a dehumidifier in your house if you find that it is getting too damp in the house. The dehumidifier will suck the moisture out of the air and not allow it to settle into the soil, thus making your house a less pleasant target for termites.

Wood and paper

Firewood, timber and large volumes of paper are huge draws for termites. They can smell it once they are in proximity, and it will be a continuous draw, as this material is exactly what these creatures feed on.

To combat this problem, try to avoid storing large quantities of wood or paper products in your house, be it in crawlspace or basement or attic. Instead, if you need these paper products, consider renting a storage locker for them. As for your firewood, a shed in the backyard will suffice to keep your wood far enough away from the house that the termites, should they arrive, will not meander over to the house.

Foundation mess

A messy area around the foundation can also be a cause of termites. If the area around the foundation is messy, there is a possibility that the foundation can become damaged and lead to an easy entrance point for the termites. As well, a messy area around the foundation can lead to standing water, which is like waving a red flag for these particular pests.  Not only is this an attractant to termites, but this can also lead to problems with your foundation later on.

To combat this, make sure that the area around your foundation is clean and well taken care of. Not only will this help you to avoid attracting termites, but it will also allow you to inspect your foundation easily and see if it needs maintenance or if you have the beginnings of an infestation.

So there you have it. Three simple tips that will help you to keep these nasty pests away!