3 Convenient Methods Of Electronic Pest Control

Are you looking for a method of pest control that doesn't involve harsh chemicals? There are electronic methods of pest control that will keep your home and your yard free of anything toxic, though their effectiveness may vary. Most pest control companies will be able to supply you with and educate you on these methods, and they may have some advice for you regarding which is most suited to your needs.

1. Ultrasonic Pest Repellers 

Ultrasonic pest repellers are used to repel both insects and rodents. They can be placed within the ground to deter burrowing animals such as moles and gophers, or they can be suspended within the air to repel wasps, moths, grasshoppers, locusts and other insects. Ultrasonic pest repellers use a frequency that is not detectable to humans, but some of them may be irritating to cats and dogs -- pet owners may want to test it out on their pets before committing to the idea. Ultrasonic pest repelling devices are useful for those who want to repel pests but don't want to put down any harsh chemicals.

2. Solar or Battery-Powered Bug Zappers

Bug zappers are an easy way to get rid of flying insects -- usually flies and mosquitoes. The zapper lures the flying insect into it and then zaps them quickly, killing them instantly. There are wired bug zappers for inside of a house, but solar and battery-powered devices are usually preferable because they don't need to be situated near an outlet. The only downside to devices such as this is that they usually need to be cleaned off on a regular basis, as the insects will stick to the outside of the zapper and mitigate some of its usefulness over time. 

3. Electromagnetic Pest Repelling Devices

Electromagnetic pest repelling devices are intended for use with ants, spiders and mice. They are designed to create an electromagnetic field that is harmless to humans but will still disrupt small animals and insects. Electromagnetic devices are useful for the same reasons that ultrasonic devices are useful -- they don't involve any poisons or other dangerous elements -- but they may have an effect on electronic devices within their range. Particularly, cellphones may not work near them. 

It's always a good idea to discuss your pest control needs with your local pest control company before taking any action. Certain insects and animals may be more or less susceptible to different types of deterrent. Your pest control service will be able to tell you whether any of the above options are viable for your pest problem.

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