Living In A Home With Termites: The Destruction They Can Cause & Extermination Methods

Having pests in a home can make living in it frustrating when there are a large amount of them. One of the worst types of pests that your home can have is termites, as they can destroy everything that is constructed out of wood. Discover the destruction termites are able to cause to a house, as well as the treatment methods for getting rid of them.

What Kind of Destruction Can Termites Cause to a Home?

Termites can be detrimental to the durability of your home because they are able to consume wood 24 hours per day. You could possibly end up with a lot of damage to the wood keeping your home standing before you even notice that termites are present, as they can reside in the walls. The best way to prevent damage from termites is to get your home inspected by an exterminator at places like Choice Pest Control every now and then. He or she will be able to locate the pests and get rid of them before you end up having to spend money on costly repairs, such as getting new walls constructed.

Termites can also cause destruction to your furniture if there is any wood on it. Usually wooden furniture is able to be resurfaced when there are scratches on it, but termite damage may be too severe for resurfacing to be done. You will eventually have to replace the damaged furniture because it can become too unstable to use.

Another important area of your home that can suffer from termite damage is wooden floors. If you begin to notice that certain areas of a wooden floor begin to deteriorate, it is a good sign that termites are present.

What are Termite Extermination Methods?

You must keep in mind that termites can reside on the outside of your home if you have any trees. One method for getting rid of termites is to get the exterior of your house chemically treated. An exterminator will drill holes in multiple areas of the ground and place a chemical in them that can kill termites. You can also get your home exterminated with a fumigation method that uses lethal gas. The lethal gas method will make it mandatory for you and your loved ones to leave the home for a few days.

You can expect to spend a minimum of $1,350 to get a home of 1,250 feet chemically treated for termites. Fumigation with lethal gas for a home with the same amount of square footage can cost as low as $1,200. Contact an exterminator to get your home inspected and treated!