Garter Snake Infestation In Your Home: What You Can Do About It

Having a creepy crawly snake scurrying around your home may sound scary enough. Imagine if your house was a literal hibernating den for thousands of garter snakes, like the now-famous 'Snake House' in Idaho that had to be abandoned by its unlucky homeowners. While you may not find yourself with snakes crawling in your walls, pipes, and making your yard look like a snake pit like this poor family had to experience for 3 months, you may run into a garter snake here and there in your home that can put you at unease. Learn signs that you may have an infestation, and what you can do about it.

Infestation signs

Garter snakes live underground like most species of snake, and are a harmless, 2 foot long reptile that thrives mainly on worms, insects, and the odd rodent. Their bite may be frightening, but is not poisonous, and these are commonly the snakes that you find sunning themselves on the side of a canal bank or scurrying through the grass as you walk through a field. They aren't known to live in houses, but can be found in homes if the foundation is built on top of a hibernation den, called a hibernaculum, where thousands of these reptiles can live together during their seasons of rest.

Signs of an infestation in your home include:

  • seeing snakes in your home or garden
  • foul-smelling water
  • musky smell in your basement or shed
  • feces with hair or small bones in it
  • scurrying sounds in your walls or pipes

An animal removal specialist can confirm signs of a garter snake invasion and help you eradicate these critters from your residence.

What you can do

Once a garter snake has been spotted near or in your home, it's important to make sure that you don't have a nest on your property somewhere. Examine areas where you see signs of snakes and look for holes in the ground or mounds of dirt, which can indicate a nest or hibernation spot. Don't dig these spots up, but do take note of their location so when you call an animal removal service, as they can investigate these areas for you. Remove all water sources from your home, including watering cans, pet dishes, and stagnant water from bird baths so you don't attract snakes to your house.

An animal removal specialist will safely trap and remove all garter snakes that they find, and will use their expert skills to locate any nests or dens where garter snakes may be thriving. This can help eradicate your issue once and for all. (For more information, contact C.H. Animal Control)

While a garter snake infestation is rare, it can be a frightening experience. An animal removal specialist can get rid of snakes so you can feel comfortable in your home again.