How To Effectively Eradicate And Control Termites

Household pests can make living a nightmare. Some cause discomfort, others embarrassment, while some are deadly in spreading disease and destruction. The misconception is that for you to be able to rid yourself of pests like termites, you need to call in pest control professionals. This is probably born of the fact that termites are a difficult pest to destroy and control. But with the right guidelines, you will be well on your way to a termite free property.

Uncovering the Termites Den

Termites feed on cellulose based products, and wood is an excellent source of it. Having built your house with a wooden foundation and wood items just means it is an open invitation to the wood eaters. This means making periodic checks on your property. Keep your eye open for sagging floors and weak wood that is brittle. You should also keep your eye open for tubes in the soil around your house. You can also find these soil tubes atop wooden structures. Here are some of the surest ways to eradicate and control these lethal pests.

Bait and Kill

This method uses cellulose products like cardboard to lure termites to them. The easiest method of using bait is to use boric acid[,] which acts on the nervous system of termites[,] shutting it down permanently. It also dehydrates these insects[,] causing death. This is because termites are sensitive, living in a highly humid environment. Your bait can be placed near their nest and in their paths. Spray the boric acid regularly to keep it lethal. You can also use the cardboard to bait and burn.

You just wet a stack of cardboard[,] attracting a large number to feast. You then burn the cardboard[,] annihilating them in the process. This is an exercise that you will have to repeat for a duration of time for complete elimination.

Using Killer Worms

You have the choice of using killer worms to rid yourself of termites. Known as nematoids, these microscopic worms are introduced to termites along their travel path. The nematoids are introduced in liquid form and when they come into contact with the termites, they infect and kill them. They are like a plague, being transported into the nest by the infected termites. They are highly effective at eradicating termites.

Discouraging Termites

Since termites are drawn to wood, keeping stacks of wood, such as timber and firewood, as far away from the house as possible will help you keep these pests at bay. Treat your wooden structure with nematode solution every so often to discourage the encroachment of termites.  

For more information, contact a local exterminator